Presiden's wild wife

Chapter88 Big mess

Yolanda couldn't believe that Logan just hung up regardless of Cornel’s feelings.

"Dad, what should I do now? I have to work at the warehouse and carry those goods?" Yolanda complained reluctantly.

Cornel was also embarrassed. "How about coming back and working in the Brown Group? You also know that Logan is so stubborn that he won’t even listen to your grandpa."

"No! I want to stay in KL Group."

She had gained no benefits from KL yet, how could she just leave like that? Besides, she had planned to approach Logan and find his weakness!

"Yolanda, stop being childish. You have two choices. Stay in KL or come back to my company. You should make a choice now."

Yolanda pouted and said, "Well, if you can get me a manager or something, I will consider returning to your company."

A manager? She just graduated and wasn’t competent at all. Cornel felt angry about her words. But thinking she was his only daughter, he sighed, "I will see what I can do."

"Thank you, daddy." Yolanda was excited and even hugged Cornel.

"What can I do with you!" Cornel was amused, "You must work hard in our company. If you make a mistake and grandpa finds out, I cannot help you then."

"Don’t worry!" Yolanda answered quickly and couldn’t wait to tell her mother this good news.


a while. When he looked up, he saw Elena’s worried eyes. Then he smiled and held her hand. “Don’t worry for

"I know." Then she chuckled,


the door of the study, her smile disappeared


woken up by Sophia's call. "Elena, come to the company now. We are having a

that Elena got up at once and

Elena even got inside, she heard a sharp female voice

walked in and found that the colleagues were gathering together and looking weird. While a middle-aged woman

those strong men had completely

shouted Elena,

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came here without authorization and damaged our company's property. I can

up and pulled her back, for fear

husband gave that bastard money so that he founded this company. I can just smash it if I like. Feel free to call the police. I want to see what they

she remembered she overheard Charlie’s call

came here finally. Looking at the mess, he tried his best to hold back his anger, "Auntie, shouldn't you

a contemptuous look and slapped him in the face at once.

can you!?" said Elena, quickly

that Charlie's face swelled up instantly. He had a

He’s nobody but a bastard. Now get out of my way!" the woman just replied arrogantly and pushed Elena away easily. Fortunately, Sophia came up and held her from

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