Presiden's wild wife

Chapter86 Jeremy’s jealousy

Charlie didn’t expect Elena was standing behind him and heard his conversation. While Elena was also embarrassed. She just wanted to check if he was annoyed by their joke earlier. But she heard his dispute with his family.

"What have you heard?" He smiled, showing that he didn't care, "Don’t mind. Just my families disagree on my work. That’s all."

Elena looked at his fake smile and said, "Charlie, if you really like your work, you can try to communicate with your families. Besides, we will donate the profits from the live interview to the poor children. It’s a good, right?"

Charlie felt bitter. If it was so easy as she said, they wouldn’t have argued badly. But he smiled anyway, "Well,it's my family business. You won’t want to be part of it."

Elena shook her head and thought it was his privacy. She shouldn’t just step in and offer her advice. It wasn’t appropriate.

"Let's go back. We are having a party, remember? I have paid a lot and we deserve some fun." He put his hands on her shoulders and was pushing her back.

But before they got in, Charlie was pulled away by someone else. Elena was startled and looked back. Jeremy was glaring at them both.

"Jeremy,What are you doing?" Elena was confused and a little angry.

While Jeremy looked at Charlie' hands which were resting on Elena's shoulders earlier, "Mr. Wilson, I know you are the chief editor in Green Light Magazine. But don’t you dare to take advantage of that and stay so close to Elena!"

"Jeremy, what are you talking?" He thought Elena was cheating with Charlie? He was so unbelievable!

"Elena, what are you doing? You said you loved Logan. But why are you with him now?"

felt unhappy with his question.

came after her and grasped her hand. Sorrow was

shook his hand off and thought he was crazy. "Jeremy, what are you doing? What do you want me to explain? We are just colleagues! You are

didn't believe her. He saw Charlie was talking to her and even put his hands on her shoulders! "Elena, you don’t love Logan anymore? Right? If so, come back to me! I promise I will protect you with my life. I won’t allow anyone to hurt you, including

couldn’t stand him and pushed

saw this and stepped in. He stood before Elena and looked at Jeremy with a smile. "Mr. Smith, watch your language and behavior. If my memory is correct, you are

of my way,"Jeremy said

eyes. Jeremy had never changed---He always thought he was

should come back home to take care of your wife?

no choice. He had talked about the divorce with Emma. But she would never agree. She even said if they had to divorce in the end, she would still give birth to the baby. What was worse, his mother knew her pregnancy and didn’t agree

he went to the nightclub to get drunk.

and I are..." He didn’t

any interest in his excuse. "Sorry, I don't care about you and Emma. I just hope you can leave me

an excuse..." Jeremy tried

that he would continue and grab her. "Charlie,

Elena behind, making

crap! What the hell did I just do?’ Jeremy hit his head badly, regretting what he just said and did. But maybe he knew

and most colleagues got drunk. Elena help Charlie call several

very sober. And now there were only Charlie and her left.

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