Presiden's wild wife

Chapter82 You poisoned me

When they left, Sophia was happy that they finished the task. But at the same time, she was also worried. “Elena, you were being so blunt just now. I was almost afraid that Kristin would refuse and beat you!”

It was known that Kristin was quite horrifying.

Elena shook her head and answered confidently, “No, she wouldn’t.”

“Why?”Sophia asked. She thought Elena could always see more details than her.

Elena smiled and poked on her head, “You little fool. She had been exhausted by the scandal and so many fans are waiting for her explanation. The last thing she wants now is more trouble. Besides, we are reporters. She doesn’t dare to mess with us now.”

“Right! How come I ignored that before?” Sophia was confused.

“Just put yourself in her shoes and you will know her worries and problems. She will accept our interview if she still wants to work in the showbiz.”After all, it was a good chance to rebuild her reputation.

“I will learn more from you and no one will refuse me in the future!” Sophia nodded.

Elena added hurriedly, “Please don’t. we should take action depending on the situation. I guess she accepted our proposal so quickly because her sugar daddy hadn’t helped her yet. She was panicked and wanted to do something.”

“Ah!”Sophia put on a long face again, “In a word, it’s really a tough job.”

Elena patted her on her head and tried to cheer her up. “Don’t think too much. We have persuaded Kristin and did a good job. Now you can go home earlier and enjoy your life.”

“Ho-ho.”Sophia laughed, “Now I feel so much better!”

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