Presiden's wild wife

Chapter81 Back to work

A few days later, Elena received a call from Charlie and was told to go to work as usual. When she came back, she saw lots of newcomers. There were only two senior employees left in Group One.

Sophia missed Elena very much and gave her a big hug right away, “Hey Elena, How are you getting along with my idol!?”

“As usual, nothing new.”smiled Elena.

Sophia giggled, “Sweet as usual?”

At this moment, Coral came out of her office and knocked on the table, “Everyone, go to the meeting room, now!”

Everyone was present in the meeting room and Charlie looked around with a smile on his face, “I want to make some statements now. You can decide whether to stay or not after you hear my speech.”

Elena frowned as he continued, “Green Light Magazine has been doing magazine interviews. But later I have some new idea. Since we are good at interviews, we shouldn’t limit ourselves. Instead, we should keep up with the trend and try new means, such as live interview.”

Live interviews?

“Right, that’s what I’m talking about. Of course, we will get permissions from the interviewees in advance, and the profits will be donated to the welfare of poor children. Besides, a series of related videos will also be made and released to attract more readers.”

Charlie’s decision was visionary and no one had any objection. But it was also a new challenge for them and they had to make many adjustments in work correspondingly.

Elena and Sophia exchanged looks with each other and nodded. “We agree on that.”

Charlie snapped his fingers and winked, “I knew you wouldn’t forsake me!”

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