Presiden's wild wife

Chapter67 At the Brown’s

Jacqueline was quite pleased that she had got Elena’s promise and told Yolanda about it as soon as she got home. But Yolanda was nearly driven mad when she saw her mother’s joyful look, “Mom, you’re too stupid. You were fooled by her!”

“No way. Don’t be silly. Yolanda. Didn’t she marry Logan for money? Now I give her money and ask her to divorce Logan. Of course she will accept it!”

Yolanda stamped her foot, “If you really know her, you should be clear that she won’t leave him just for 10 million!”

“What do you mean, Yolanda?” Seeing Yolanda’s worried face, Jacqueline became panicked at once.

“Just imagine. If you were Elena, would you take the money and divorce him, or stay with him, the cash cow?”

Jacqueline turned pale in shock and finally got it, “Then...then what can we do now? I’ve been saving the money for so long!”

Yolanda stared at her angrily, “I can’t help you now. You have to accept it! After all, you went to see her without telling me first. You’re such a fool!”

“But what about my money!?”

“No way to get it back. Or are you going to tell dad and grandpa that you gave Elena money to leave Logan? Of course she will deny it. And if she doesn’t, why you do want them separate in the first place?”

Jacqueline knew what Yolanda said was correct. But she felt irritated, so she called Elena instantly, “You’ve never thought of divorcing him, right?”

Elena was surprised but answered quickly, “Yes, I have.”

At first, she thought there was no future between Logan and herself. But later Logan made her realize that he wouldn’t let her go, and she found herself couldn’t live without him, either.

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