The island they go to is a particularly beautiful place in the Pacific Ocean, and there are other tourists, but the people who come here on vacation are either rich or wealthy, so even though it's a touristy place, the number of people who come is considered sparse.

Georgia and Robert went straight to a villa to rest inside. People who came here for vacation were staying directly in the villa hotel, the person who developed this place was Robert's friend, so the place where Georgia and Robert stayed didn't need to be booked, but was originally under Robert's name, and was given to him by his friend.

The beach here was particularly beautiful, as soon as the children arrived, they started to run on the beach excitedly. Robert held Georgia's hand, both of them were dressed very cool, Georgia was wearing a short skirt, Robert was wearing long black loose shorts with just a tank top, the two of them were walking on the beach hand in hand.

"How did Jason get to this place? Or is he alone inside the house, should we call him out?"

They had arrived on the island to rest for the night, and early in the morning the two of them took the children out to play, but Jason remained inside the house, and Georgia uttered the words with worry.

"Let him be, even though he came out with us for a break, he didn't see how much better his mood was, and he's worried about Miranda but can't reach her, don't worry about him."

The two could only stop talking about these topics and instead they swam with the children. Annie and Leon had learned a little bit before but neither was too good at it yet, so Georgia and Robert changed into their swimsuits and started swimming with the children.

"Mommy, why do you have a few bruises on your back?"