Pregnant With Twins: My CEO’s Tricky Love

Chapter 681 Parental Concerns

The scene was once chaotic, Georgia didn't even know what to do. Miranda's painful cries almost resounded inside the entire floor, the patients, family members, doctors and nurses coming and going around were shocked, everyone didn't expect this scene to occur over here.

Everything started to be chaotic, the doctors and nurses immediately pushed the two people, Macy and Andrew, inside the emergency room for first aid. Miranda was in too much pain, and while Jason was unable to make a decisive decision. Jasper had no choice, he directly knocked Miranda unconscious with a slap.

Jason's parents were even more at a loss, their own daughter-in-law's father and mother and adoptive mother had this kind of thing happen, and they had no idea how to solve the situation.

The doctor who operated inside the emergency room soon came out. Georgia, Robert and Jasper were standing outside. Jason's parents were sitting on a chair at the back, while Jason was accompanied by Miranda next to him.

"Sorry, the knife these two used had poison on it, resuscitation was ineffective, we did all we could."

The doctor's words made Jason's parents instantly go limp on the ground, and Georgia hurried over to help them up, but Jason's mother's eyes were already red.

"Miranda won't be able to take it, she certainly can't handle it."

After Jason's mother finished, Jason's father let out a long sigh. Georgia was also silent, Robert was in a heavy mood, and Jasper didn't know what to say, yet the matter at hand could only be resolved for them as soon as possible.

Robert and Jasper start to hustle around, Miranda can't wake up now and Jason looks like he can't preside over the situation, so they can only help.