Miranda didn't know what to call this woman, for the previous ten years or so, she had called her mother, because Macy was actually good to her, and they had once been really close as mother and daughter.

It's just that so much has happened, she doesn't really have much hatred for Macy. She's caught between her real father, her adoptive mother, and her biological mother, and she's never known how to ease those relationships.

And when she knew the truth, Macy was already dead, and she already knew about her mother being sold to a place of prostitution by her adoptive mother back then, as well as the suffering her own mother suffered, she couldn't possibly resent what she did to someone who was already dead.

What she hadn't expected was that the dead man wasn't dead, but was now standing alive in front of her, and Miranda was still wondering how her adoptive mother could be here, her father's words shook her entire head to the point of exploding.

How could it be? How could her adoptive mother be responsible for her mother's death? Yet her sanity was telling her that there was a bitter hatred between her real mother and her adoptive mother, and it was entirely possible that this had happened.

Miranda just looked at her father in grief, hoping her father would tell the truth. Andrew looked at his daughter instead, not knowing what to say, while that woman sitting on top of the wheelchair laughed sarcastically.

"What are you asking your father for? Do you think this is something I couldn't have done? I was able to sell your mother to that kind of place back then, make her suffer and let her be humiliated, and he had the strength to revenge on my family, he made my family lose everything, so that I had to go incognito and find a way to come back for revenge. Do you think I would have let your mother go? How about the fact that I did what happened yesterday? Do you both like this one gift from me?"

Macy laughed mockingly, her eyes were very cool as she looked at the father and daughter with a thrill of successful revenge, she seemed particularly happy as Andrew blushed greatly and Miranda covered her chest in grief as she cried out.

"You know full well that my mother was cheated by my father back then, she didn't mean to be the mistress in your marriage, she was innocent. You started it, you made her go to that kind of place to be tortured first and have her life ruined, she came back for revenge ...... "

Miranda broke down and shouted like this, but Macy laughed.

"Do I need you to remind me before I know? But she's the mistress in my marriage, and even now, my adopted daughter who I raised for so many years totally hates me, you don't want me anymore, your father doesn't want me, and your mother came back and ruined everything for me, so why wouldn't I get back at her?"