Pregnant With Twins: My CEO’s Tricky Love

Chapter 670 The Wolf in the Tiger's Mouth

A few of the men had been laughing, and Adam finally came inside after Wilson had finished making breakfast.

"You weren't even much of a cook a few years ago, and now you're going all the way towards being a family man."

Adam chuckled at Wilson, and Elsie was somewhat amused as she joked.

"You're jealous of me, right? My Wilson is good, and you're just a single person, do you want to get a wife too?"

Elsie's comment was just a joke, and she didn't expect that Adam would look directly at her sister after hearing it, as everyone inside the room noticed it.

Georgia was shocked, and Vanessa blushed. She didn't even understand why Adam was looking at her in this situation, the two of them didn't have any relationship!

Of course the two of them have a child, but that doesn't mean they are in a relationship, and that child just came by accident.