Pregnant With Twins: My CEO’s Tricky Love

Chapter 560 Attending A Wedding

"Are you sure?"

Georgia asked in surprise.

"Since they told me they checked this out, at least it's accurate. I've asked them to send the information over. I don't know if Wilson has made any progress. Why don't you send this information to Wilson and ask him and Elsie to check out that orphanage too? It would be nice to get something."

"You're right about that too. We're not available today, so we'll leave that to Wilson and Elsie. The two of them can check out that orphanage."

Elsie and she were friends and knew Travis, and it was logical that he would invite her to the wedding.

It was just that because of what was going on with Vanessa, Elsie wasn't in the mood for anything else right now.

So she won't be attending today. Because Elsie herself felt that going to someone else's wedding with a sad face might upset the bride and groom, she might as well not go.

Travis would not force her either.

But Georgia had been invited by Travis himself. He had said he wanted her to attend the wedding, so Georgia would not leave in the middle of it.

Unless she had to, she would keep her promise to Travis to attend his wedding, even if she knew it was dangerous.

And, of course, she and Robert will protect each other.

After putting on her make-up, Georgia reached for her phone and called Elsie.

"Have you guys gone out yet?"

"Not yet. Wilson and I just finished breakfast."

Listening to Elsie's still raspy voice, Georgia spoke up with distress.

"Don't boil yourself up. There's no other news from Vanessa at the moment, which could also indicate that she is in a safe place and is just being controlled. We can't fall first. Robert has got some information for me about the possibility that Mrs. Chow's lost child went to an orphanage. That information is being sent now and Wilson should be receiving it soon. Tell him about it and you two can study the information later. If you're free, go and check out the orphanage yourselves. If you're not available, have your people look into it. I have a wedding to attend today, so I can't come and deal with this personally for now."