“How’s Elsie doing in the afternoon?”

“She’s been energetic throughout the day. If this keeps up, she can be discharged next week.”

“Can you arrange for me to meet Sierra tomorrow? I have some things I’d like to ask her.”

“Does it have to do with Wesley passing out?”

Wilson asked consciously, and Georgia nodded on the other end of the line.

She trusted Wilson, so she talked about almost all of her speculations and doubts.

“Sierra Moon is Emma Lane. She went missing last year. In the five years that Wesley was growing up, she couldn’t have stayed by his side. Otherwise, she couldn’t have held it in for all those years without telling Robert about it. So she should only have come across Wesley last year. That’s the longest period I can estimate. Wesley, though, thinks that she’s been his mother all along, which proves that there’s something up with his memory. Sierra definitely won’t tell me about it honestly, but probing her for a reaction might turn up something.”

“I’ve got it. I’ll get people on it. Go there tomorrow straight off. It’s not hard to arrange this.”

Georgia relaxed. Robert should have been the one to arrange this.

But he was meeting Vincent right now, and this was important, so Georgia didn’t have Robert handle it.

After all, he was juggling too much right now, and she didn’t want Mr. Simpson to tire himself out.

After saying that, Wilson spoke up about something else.

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