Pregnant With Twins: My CEO’s Tricky Love

Chapter 375 Coordinated Assault on Jayson Willis

“Found something new, Uncle Brenton?”

“There’s been news on the black market front. The deal’s set for tomorrow. I’m sure the person doing the deal is going to be Jayson. Tomorrow’s a good chance to take care if him. Keep steady on your end, Sarah. I have people in place over at the black market. Don’t do anything extra in case they find something’s off. I’ve got reliable people on my side. Jayson won’t find anything suspect. When he meets with the people I’ve arranged, he won’t get away easily.”

That’s why Sierra seemed like she didn’t have a care in the world. She was already planning on selling the properties away. Then how did she acquire Robert’s inheritance?

Brenton had already said that they were dealing with Robert’s company shares on the black market. After all, Robert ran a tight, profiting ship rich in wealth.

They definitely wouldn’t miss out if they sold the shares, so finding a buyer on the black market ought to have been easy.

But Robert’s inheritance should have been left to Georgia. Now that the will didn’t count, as Robert’s wife, Georgia was still going to inherit the majority of the inheritance.

Robert’s mother Maisie was now mentally ill and couldn’t legally transfer the shares. Had there been a loophole?

Sarah considered all of that, then found it a little funny.

What was the point of worrying about all that? No matter how Sierra had gotten the shares, so long as she brought Jayson to the black market tomorrow, they could snap the man up, which made it all worth it.

To avoid getting the word out, Sarah didn’t tell Travis about that.

Sierra’s interview had been leaked online, and so had Sierra hitting the reporter. Her reputation got even worse now.

Everyone on the internet was waiting for Sierra to get ejected from the mansion, even commenting under Georgia’s account and demanding her when she was going to give this freeloader the boot.

Why was she so soft? Letting Sierra stay in her and Robert’s mansion.

Georgia found all the comments hilarious. She was a devious bitch before, but now she was supposed to take care of Sierra. They really did reverse direction a bit too quickly.

Robert sent Georgia a text that night.

“Tomorrow’s going to be a big day. Don’t go anywhere. Keep everyone safe at home. When I’ve dealt with my business on my end, I’ll come see you soon.”

Heart aflutter with nerves, Georgia couldn’t sleep all night. She understood what Robert meant. He must have already drawn out the person behind Sierra, so he was going into his final steps.