Predestined Marriage

Chapter 9 Wanted to Touch Her


The way Summer served him the medicine was quite gentle, so gentle that he was a little moved by that.


Then one thing led to another, and he just wanted to touch her, to feel her.


She's his wife, of course, he could do anything he wanted with her.


But for Summer, he is "Douglas”, Leonardo's cousin.


Over and over again, he teased her, kissed her, which were far beyond her tolerance.


Summer pushed him away abruptly, and stepped back a few steps, and kept some distance from him, "Douglas, l'm your cousin's wife! Please show some respect! '' she said with a cold face.


After taking the bullet just now, her hatred towards "Douglas” was getting less, what she didn't expect was he would still act so



Leonardo rubbed his lips, and there was a little bewitchment in his pleasant voice, “My sister in law, by committing to my cousin, you will be nothing but a widow for your lifetime, why don't you considering being with me?”