Predestined Marriage

Chapter 8 What a Smart and Kind Woman

"What?" hearing those words, Summer was almost panicked, "l cantI"

Although she was disgusted with this man, she was afraid to let him die in her apartment. The police might have a few questions and furthermore, her husband might not be too happy with if his cousin's dead body ended up in her apartment.

She had no idea why "Douglas” could make such a life-threatening thing sound so easy, but she had no choice now.

Leonardơ's eyebrow cocked, "Or would you prefer to be buried with me here?”

lt was still an indifferent tone, but there was an unquestionable firmness in it.

With a paled face, Summer went to get the things.

She felt that from the moment she married into the Emerson family, her life had been collapsed beyond repair. Could it get any worse thought Summer?

Summer had tried her best to maintain calm, but she couldn't keep her hands from shaking.

She used a blade to peel off the fresh edge of his wound while paying attention to the condition of "Douglas”".

on his

was anything unusual, it was he kept on staring at her the whole

weak now,

saying, 'don't look

pain of the wound and that much

he looked at Summer, the pain was miraculously relieved

in you.' The voice of the Leonardo was light and soft, however

valued like this. She clenched her teeth and focused more

felt that it had been a

she finally took out the bullet,

next to her, and asked Leonardo with concern, "How are

"Douglas" was one of disdain, but after taking the bullet out for him, she couldrt help but admire

had not called out in pain nor fainted. This kind of inhuman perseverance she had only seen ¡in

had an

list of medicine you need to buy.' Although Leonardo was pale in his face, he was still very determined

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