Predestined Marriage

Chapter 5 Like a Servant


When Karen heard the sound of ˆsister-in-law", her face went dark deeply, and she gave Summer a stern and cold look.


Summer bit her lips up, was this "Douglas" trying to get her killed?


Karen held Summers hand and pulled her into the hall of the villa, then coldly let go.


She looked at Summer with a pale face, "Did the man just call you “sister-in-law? Is he Leonardơ's cousin?”


Summer nodded, "Uh."




Karen slapped Summer in the face with all of her strength. Summer's ears began to buzz.


"You have no shame, do you? What were you thinking about getting involved with your husband's cousin on the first day of your marriage! Are you trying to get yourself killed? Do you want to die? Go right ahead, but dorït you dare take us with you!”


touch her face which was still in pain, she coldly looked up to Karen, 'Really?


wrong no matter what happened or who was


and you have eyes. It would be clear to everyone who to choose. You haven't already spent the


soft feminine voice came from the stairway,


rushed over to greet her, ˆVicky, do


better.' Vicky smiled gently to Karen and then went to Summer. "Summer, I can totally understand how you feel, but you should


didn't surprise her was that Summer


then turned to look at Karen and


Of course


tightly clenched her hands and kept her mouth


remember which one of the


has always wanted to gain a firm foothold in Jarrett's house, she tried to please everyone in this house with everything she could, but this was done


smile vanished when she turned to look at Summer with a severe face, “Summer since you have married into the Emerson family, you must


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