Predestined Marriage

Chapter 4 Kiss you every time


The black car stopped in front of Edison's villa.

Summer was about to unfasten the seat belt. Leonard, next to her, leaned over. With his slender and beautiful fingers, he pressed lightly on the dark buckle of the seat belt. The seat belt was immediately released with a slight snap.

His face was handsome and compelling and was getting closer to her. As they faced each other, Summer s mind settled and was as still as water. She couldrểt help but blush when she looked at his face, and there was a trace of confusion in her glassy eyes.

This man's face is pretty enough to attract any woman he wants.

But then Summer remembered what he had done yesterday, and her look returned to normal.

He's nothing but a rich and nasty young kid who covets his sister-in-law, like a spoiled child who wants what he can't get.

She lifted her head and adjusted her glasses. Her face showed little emotion and she said, "In getting off."

Leonardo narrowed his eyes, there was a look of anger in his eyes.

Summer was keenly aware of this change and tried to get out of the car. As she was opening the door though, an arm caught her hand and grabbed her.

her. Looking from the outside, it almost seemed

looked straight at her which were as clear as water, and said deliberately, 'l took you home, don I deserve a 'thank

lowered her head, flinching a little, and whispered, "Thank

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darker. He said softly, '!t sẳeems your appreciation ¡s insincere.

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This looks much better.

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kiss ended, he left her lips but still wanted

I should try that again once there's a chance, he

voice, "Don't wear gÌasses anymore. Otherwise, I will kiss you every time I see

lowered the volume of his voice to make his point. His eyes were checking over her

was like some kind of ferocious beast marking his

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