Predestined Marriage

Chapter 2 Satisfy you


He deliberately accentuated the word ˆwaste of a man' deeply, with a hint of provocation. The man approached her intentionally, the piercingly cold aura of him got even thicker and stronger.


Summer moved uncomfortably, and after a moment of disbelief, she believed his words. After all, Leonardo's villa was not accessible to people outside his family or special guests like her.


"He is your cousin. Please don't talk about him like this." Presumably, Leonardo had also had difficulties in his family.


Summer felt empathy. Even if the Emersons were top-tier socially, she sympathized with Leonardos situation. He must have had hard times in recent years.


Leonardo's brown eyes quickly flashed in surprise. He didnt expect the ugly woman to say such things.


He couldn't help looking at her again. The messy hair; the black-framed glasses; soiled, long, cotton cloths; the bangs on her forehead almost thick enough to cover her eyes. There were a few small spots on her haggard face. lt was disgusting to even look at.


There was no way that this ugly woman was not his rumored fiancé.


But the Emersons did not care whether the woman who married him was ugly or beautiful. As long as it was a woman who could produce an heir. They would not care even if they had to select another one.

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