Predestined Marriage

Chapter 922 Run Away From Home

Although the boy's hand was cold, Summer did not let go of his hand halfway. When they got to the side of the road, the boy shook off her hand. Summer raised her head and saw that the boy had a pair of beautiful ink pupils.

She was stunned for a moment, then said seriously, "It was dangerous for you to cross the road like that! If I hadn't pulled you over, you would have been hit by that car, and you could die."

Summer studied well and was precocious. She also knew a lot.

The boy only looked at her coldly, his entire body looking somewhat sinister, "Did I ask you to help me? Mind your own business!"

Summer was frightened by his expression and was speechless for a moment. After the boy finished speaking, he was about to continue crossing the road. But by this time, the green light had already lit up.

Summer hurriedly followed his footsteps.

As the boy walked, he felt Summer following him. He turned around and said with a disgusted expression, "Why are you following me?"

Summer was a little afraid of his gaze. She whispered, "I'm not following you. I'm going this way too..."

this, he didn't say anymore. He

hesitated for a moment before following behind. She thought the boy was too weird and gloomy. The clothes on his body were dirty. It

while, the boy stopped. He turned his back to Summer and did not immediately turn

to him that she had to take a small step back to keep

later, he turned around. His ink eyes were filled with

just stared at Summer. Summer involuntarily clenched her hands and pursed her lips, not daring to say anything. The two of

the boy was thinking, but she mustered up her courage and asked, "Did something bad

fell on his dirty clothes and she asked him,

had been silent all this while,

opened her eyes wide.


change in his expression. She did not know which of

the pen she got at the art festival. She took out the pen from her bag and handed it to

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