Predestined Marriage

Chapter 30: Do You Want Me to Turn Against My Cousin

She ran to the bathroom and looked at her ugly face in the mirror. She couldn't understand why "Douglas" repeatedly flirted her.


She had heard that there were people in the upper class who had special addictions.


Summer was his cousin's wife. Was he really looking for the excitement of taboo?


At the thought of this, she felt a little scared.


When she met "Douglas" for the first time, she only thought that he was a playboy.


However, his gunshot wound completely changed her view of him.


He had a handsome look, had a wonderful family background, and even had extraordinary perseverance, which made 

Summer be sure that he was not a simple guy.


But this amazing man often flirted her.




Because of thinking about other things, Summer was also a bit absent-minded when cooking.


After wasting two pieces of beef, she just came back to her senses.


She still planned to believe in “Douglas” once and make the dishes he had said.


As soon as she had finished cooking, she heard the sound of the car engine coming from the front door.


Was Leonardo back?


If she went out now, could she see him?


Thinking like this, she was a little nervous.


When she took off her apron and went out, she only saw Tim.


He walked into the hall with a box in his arms. When he saw Summer, he was stunned for a moment, then nodded slightly and 

said respectfully, "Lady Summer’


Summer also nodded to him and asked him, "Is Leonardo back?”