Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1541 Unconsciousness

Just walking to the door, Sivan sensed the movement behind her. She turned around and found that Jessica had got up and was jumping towards the windowsill.

Noticing that Sivan turned around, Jessica panicked.

She must escape from here.

However, both of her hands and legs were tied up tightly. Therefore, she couldn't walk and had to jump, which made it harder to keep balance. She was very anxious and then fell.

At this sight, Sivan smirked and walked up to Jessica, who was struggling to get up.

"Want to run away? No way!" Sivan kicked Jessica coldly.

Jessica had never suffered such humiliation. It had been the biggest shame for her to be slapped by Sivan before.

Now that she was kicked by Sivan, she couldn't control her anger anymore.

"Sivan, you'd better kill me today," Jessica shouted with cold and sharp eyes as if a knife was about to stab Sivan.