Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1540 I Can't Slap You Anymore

Hearing this, Sivan smiled complacently, "It's not a big deal, but I can definitely take revenge on you."

Sivan was living with Jace these days. She looked haggard and had lost a lot of weight. She looked even more ferocious and terrifying with a crazy smile on her pale face.

"Sivan, why do you hate me so much?" Jessica was confused. She had never provoked Sivan, but Sivan always treated her like an enemy.

It was as if it was her fault that Sivan had become like this.

"Why?" Sivan was instantly enraged, "Why? Look at me! I become this all because of you. I want you to suffer what I've suffered!"

Jessica looked at her coldly, "It's not because of me. You did this to yourself!"

Sivan slapped her again.


A crisp sound echoed in the room.

Jessica closed her eyes. After the pain was gone, she opened her eyes again.

not a big

crazy woman who could

Sivan until Carl found her. Otherwise, she might not be able to leave this

Sivan looked at Jessica. Her voice was

Jessica did not answer.

was never a merciful person. But what she said would definitely provoke Sivan

feel Jessica's

you and thought

You steal all the things that should belong to me!" Sivan's

Jessica laughed.

disdain in her

eyes were full of rage and she

thought she would get slapped,

was suddenly kind-hearted. She carefully observed Sivan and

for a moment, she slowly put down her hand and put on a weird smile, "I can't slap you anymore. If I slap you, your face

did not think that Sivan would care about whether her face was

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