Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1064 He Agreed to All My Requests

Summer, sitting in front of the TV, watched the entire news.

Although she was not good at doing business, she could understand the news because she had managed the Emerson Group for some time.

According to the news, both Leonardo and Lester could benefit from the cooperation. However, Summer did not believe that Lester merely wanted to do business with Leonardo.

Lester was good at disguising himself. He was a wolf in a sheep's skin. The more decent the cooperation looked, the more misleading he would be.

However, Summer did not know where she was and was unable to protect herself, let alone helping Leonardo.

As long as she was controlled by Lester, Leonardo's hands were tied.

The only thing she could do was to hurt herself to mess up Lester's experiment. However, the servants watched her so closely that she could not find the opportunity to take action.

Even if she could, she would not do it. Leonardo was threatened to cooperate with Lester. If she hurt herself, the efforts Leonardo had made would be in vain.


night, Lester

having dinner when Lester came in with a

sat down opposite Summer

the fork in her hand and said, "Mr. Lester, did you

Lester's eyes. Although he quickly concealed it, Summer still detected it. She looked at Lester calmly and waited

to invite me to dinner?" Lester put on a bigger smile

say a word and just lowered her head to eat

news about his cooperation

want Lester to know her attitude towards the

the meal, she even

you should raise

you have said so, I'll definitely raise his

with a smile, "I'm tired. I'll go back to

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