Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1059 Wash Him

All the servants in the villa walked out to welcome Lester.

Summer sat by the window alone. She looked calm, but she was actually overwhelmed by anxiety. It wouldn't be Leonardo. It definitely wouldn't be him!

Not long after, a series of footsteps sounded behind her. Irregular footsteps suggested that many people entered.

"Ms. Summer, come out and meet your old friend." Lester's voice came from behind her.

Summer stiffened for a moment and slowly turned the wheelchair back.

Dropping her eyes, she didn't look up until she turned around. Firstly, Lester came into her view. In an elaborate suit, Lester looked like a gentleman. But in fact, he was actually an evil man.

Behind Lester was a group of servants and subordinates. Summer did not see the so-called friend. Summer's eyes flashed with surprise.

He smiled and said, "I asked my man to wash him before taking him to see you, so as

heart was in her mouth again. She

much. Therefore, if the person who came was Leonardo, Lester would not do anything to him, let alone ask his man to give

could make a new guess, two of Lester's

two subordinates threw someone in

man on the ground wore clean clothes, but his exposed hands and neck were


heard Summer's voice and slightly moved his body. He then turned to

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face clearly. Stanley's face was also riddled with scars. If it weren't for the fact that she had spent so much time

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