Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1057 The Only Way Out

Summer made a tentative request, and she did not expect that the maid would agree. Thus, Summer guessed that although Lester's men weren't around, he must have told them everything clearly before he left. He must have asked the servant not to answer Summer's question, but to meet her requests as many as possible.

Summer was right. She was now an "experimental subject" for Lester. Lester described it as a valuable experiment to the whole world.

Based on the premise that he could control Summer, he would try his best to satisfy her. This was not incomprehensible.

But what Summer couldn't understand was what Lester was going to do next. Summer kept thinking about these things. When she came back to her senses, only to find that she had been pushed outside by the servant.

The courtyard was filled with flowers and trees. Although it was early autumn, there were still many blooming flowers.

A thin layer of leaves covered the ground. In the distance, bushes were everywhere. There was a road that stretched to an unknown location as well. Neither houses nor people could be seen.

Summer could tell that the villa was a western-style building. But there were no landmarks that allowed Summer to guess where she was.

houses in remote areas? Leonardo

the road outside the villa and said, "I want to go out and take

for a moment, but she didn't

looked around carefully for a long time, but she didn't see any other houses or

she laughed self-deprecatingly. Since Lester dared to leave her here like this, he must be confident that she couldn’t escape and that no one would be able

no possibility for her to escape. Therefore, she could

Summer stopped laughing and said indifferently,

When they entered the villa, Summer asked again, "When will

did not ask again. As they walked inside, she

the fruit. The sliced fruit was presented delicately on the plate. However, Summer only took a glance and flipped

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