Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1055 Then Kill Me

Summer looked coldly at Lester, "What experiment?"

Hearing Summer's question, Lester became even more fanatical, "It's an experiment that will benefit the whole world. I spent a lot of manpower and material resources, as well as energy of half of my life on it. Although..."

Summer interrupted him coldly, "So, is my job as a subject of your experiment to listen to all this nonsense nonstop? Get to the point and save your breath. I have absolutely no interest in knowing how many people you have killed or how much money and time you have spent on your so-called 'experiment that will benefit the whole world'."

Subject of his experiment? The hell!

Lester had raised Stanley up. Since Summer had seen how cruel Stanley could be, she knew Stanley's foster father, Lester, must also be a psychopath.

Would any normal man treat another living person as a subject of his experiment? Moreover, Lester did it to Summer without her consent at all. He would only be more abnormal than Stanley.

Summer felt disgusted just to look at Lester, and Lester's expression changed immediately.

only interrupted his enthusiastic speech, but

coldly and looked at Summer sullenly, "Do you know what

happened? Is he dead?" Summer looked like she did not care at all, "Then kill me as well. Being

said that was because she knew she was useful to Lester. Therefore, Lester would

twitched, but he suppressed his anger quickly. He let out

ignored Lester and showed no interest

let's talk about something you will be interested in. For example ... how about guessing

heard him mention Leonardo's name. Lester

fists tightly

seeing Leonardo


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