Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1052 Go Investigate Yourself If You Can

Douglas worked up great courage to do this, but Leonardo's reaction seemed to tell him that he was a joke.

He could no longer play cool. He lost his mind, shouting at Leonardo, "Answer my question!"

"Why should I?" Leonardo just sneered. "All these years, you learned nothing but to be gullible. And now you are using a sick woman to achieve your goal?"

From the moment he brought Summer out of the Holiday Villa, Douglas told himself that what he did was right, and Leonardo was wrong.

Leonardo hurt and even killed the Emersons to achieve his dirty goal, but Douglas felt somewhat guilty being mocked by Leonardo now.

"I...." Douglas didn't know how to reply him.

Douglas once, but now he hated him so

all his patience and said, "I'll

Douglas chose to take the risk, saying, "As long as you tell me why you did it to my

with contempt, "Go investigate yourself if

this, but in Leonardo's eyes, he was like a child

of this, Douglas

teeth tightly, Douglas said with resentment and bitterness, "Who are you to laugh at me? You are no better than me, as you can only hurt a woman. Do you want to know where

froze for a moment, and then a cold killing intent burst

no doubt that Leonardo would like to kill him now, but he didn’t.

bother to say more to

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