Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1051 Guilt

Summer couldn't believe that Douglas would actually poison the food, but Douglas made a point. Leonardo would find him soon. Douglas was no match for Leonardo. Therefore, he had to drug Summer before Leonardo came, but he had no idea where he could take Summer to.

Summer felt groggy and her eyes blurred, and she was losing her consciousness. And that was when she realized that Douglas was no longer the sensitive and innocent boy she knew before.

Seeing Summer lying on the dining table, eyes closed, Douglas called her.

"Summer?" There was no response. She fainted.

Douglas stood up, walked to the door and opened it. He said to the outside, "Come in."

Then two tall and sturdy women entered the room. They looked rather serious, without a glimmer of a smile in their eyes. They walked over to Summer and took her up.

Douglas frowned, "Be gentle to her. She

two women exchanged looks and didn't say anything, but they indeed followed his order. Then they took Summer out and closed the door

front, and no one knew

open. Douglas raised his head and saw Leonardo walking towards him

temper so hard that his muscles

Summer?" His voice was hoarse and

his glare would devour him if Douglas didn't tell

past few hours. Before Douglas could say anything, Leonardo threw a punch at

in good shape, Douglas was thrown backwards by Leonardo's furious punch,

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