Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1050 Aren't You Afraid of Food Poison?

After opening the packing bag and placing all the food on the table, Douglas finally turned around to help Summer.

When he supported her with his hands, she could only stand up with her entire body leaning on him.

Supported by him, she subconsciously exerted strength on her legs. Although she did not feel anything in her lower body, it was her instinct to exert herself when she stood up.

She lowered her eyes as Douglas supported her to the dining table, so she could clearly see her feet moving. Summer widened her eyes. She even suspected that her eyes were deceiving her. She secretly moved her legs again and discovered that they actually shook slightly.

For such a long time, Summer couldn't feel much of her lower body. She thought such a slight shake wasn't real. So she tried again.

This time, she widened her eyes and stared at her legs. Finally, she confirmed that her legs really moved.

In an instant, a burst of ecstasy surged in Summer's heart. Did Stanley's medicine work?

why she started to feel her legs. Though small,

feel her

help. She looked up at Douglas. The smile on

everywhere. Douglas put the food in

legs had a hint of sensation, Summer felt slightly relieved. If Leonardo found

saw her safe and sound, he might not be

Douglas asked with puzzlement, "Summer, aren't you

up at

deception in her eyes. This was also what she thought. She believed Douglas wouldn't hurt

emotions spread over

Summer had continued eating and did not pay attention to his

were quite delicious. Summer was also a little hungry, so

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