Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1045 Don't Do It Yourself Unless You Have to

Leonardo stopped and raised his hand slightly towards Rosie. Rosie's eyes suddenly lit up, reached out to hold Leonardo's hand and smiled, "Dad!"

Leonardo raised his eyebrows and took a close look at Rosie. He did not know from whom the girl had inherited her elfin vivacity.

Rosie went inside, bouncing up and down, with Leonardo holding her hand. After two steps, she suddenly thought of something and said, "Dad, I really didn't mean to hit him."

When Tim called him earlier, Leonardo had already known everything clearly.

The child who was beaten by Rosie had a foul mouth. It was said that children were pure and seldom had any malicious intentions, but when a child spoke malicious words like that, at least at that moment, he was hostile.

Rosie knew quite a lot for a girl at four or five years old. As Rosie spoke, she was still nervous.

Leonardo asked in an impassive tone, "So what's the reason?"

Rosie said angrily, "I hate him."

turned to look at Rosie, "Then if anyone else finds

She was stunned for a moment before she said with her mouth curled

eyes darkened, "What did he say about your

up, her little face tensed up, showing her stubbornness

before leaning over and picking her up. Rosie looked

Rosie's forehead and said softly, "Is

Leonardo met her eyes with an incomparably serious expression, "Rosie, listen to me, don't do it yourself unless you could only do that. If you act on your own, it means there is a possibility of

tilted her head, showing that she did not understand what he

to understand, and only said, "If you have other things to deal with, just

about the cases

expressionlessly, almost literally writing "I'm here" on his

him on the face and said, "Dad, I love you


out to wipe off the saliva

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