Predestined Marriage

Chapter 941Turn Himself in

This was what Summer wanted to know ever since she woke up, but her condition didn’t allow her to do that.

Leonardo said that he had everything in control. Besides, checking on Rosie was more important, so she never had the chance to ask him. Then they returned home. Leonardo always sidestepped the questions and left Summer no opportunity to ask him.

Facing her questions, he was silent for a moment before saying, "Stanley turned himself in. Logan is dead, despite all the treatment."

Logan died? Summer's eyes widened in surprise.

She was in the back row, so she wasn't badly hurt. But Logan was driving, so things must be worse for him.

She never expected that Stanley would turn himself in. Summer shook her head, "It's impossible. Stanley will never do that."

Being a man of schemes, Stanley did so many dirty things. How could he turn himself in? She didn't believe it.

Leonardo said calmly as if he had expected Summer's reaction, "Go ask Jessica and Carl then."

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