Predestined Marriage

Chapter 921A Weird Boy

Karen pulled Summer's hair so hard that Summer was in pain and her voice trembled slightly, "Mom, it hurts."

"I just want you to feel the pain. Do you know how careful and difficult it is for me to live in the Jarrett family?" Karen pulled even harder, as if she was venting her anger.

Summer's eyes were filled with tears, but she didn't dare to cry out for pain anymore. She bit her lips and said, "Then let's leave the Jarrett's. If we leave, you won't be in such a difficult and painful situation."

Karen always told Summer how painful and difficult her life was. Summer kept her words in mind. Summer felt that since Karen was in such pain, she should leave the Jarrett's.

After leaving, Karen would not be in such pain. She didn't have to spend time with Vicky who hated her anymore.

"Leave?" Karen was so shocked that she let go of her hand, "Summer, are you talking nonsense? How could we leave?"

you listen to me, we can still live


more obedient to Karen than before. Karen told her not to get full mark in the exam,

the teacher would talk to her after each exam, but then he gradually stopped looking for her. Karen was very satisfied with

if she could make Karen happy by doing poorly

a newspaper independently and won the prize in the art festival of her school that year. The reward was a pen. It was an ordinary pen, but it was a reward, so she was very

mother would be happy, right? But she quickly remembered the exam paper she had taken back. She thought that her mother would be happy for her full mark, but Karen

thought would

crossed the alley and walked home along an old street as usual. When she passed an intersection,

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