Predestined Marriage

Chapter 801She's Gone

Summer stayed outside for a few minutes. Just as she was about to turn around and walk in, she heard Jessica's voice from the private room, "Rosie, where are you going?"

Summer suddenly turned around and saw Rosie was rushing out of the private room and disappeared at the corner.

"Rosie!" Summer called her name and quickly ran to chase after her. However, Rosie didn't respond to her mother, nor did she stop running.

When Summer came to the corner, she couldn't see Rosie anywhere. Summer's heart skipped a beat, and she was completely dumbfounded.

She called her name again, "Rosie!"

The corner was just where the corridor forked, with several entrances to different corridors. So Summer was not sure which way Rosie had gone.

But Rosie was so young. Even if she used all her strength to run fast, it was impossible for her to disappear in the blink of an eye.

Did someone carry Rosie away? It must be so!

But why did Rosie suddenly run out of the private room?

this time, Jessica came up and

Jessica saw Summer standing there alone without

tried to calm down. She turned around and saw Carl and immediately said, "Carl, get someone to keep an eye on the exits of the club. Then please get the surveillance video

"Okay." Carl looked solemn.

walked to the side and made a phone call, "Lock down the entire Golden Cauldron Club. If anyone sees a guest with a little girl, stop him and report it to me. Girls between the age of one

Carl finished speaking,

those guests, the waiters would know what

she was chatting with Carl about

she had watched Rosie carefully, Rosie would

now it was not the time to blame herself. Finding Rosie

could you please help Summer check the surveillance video? You guys

Summer only patted Jessica on the shoulder, indicating that she didn't have to blame

left, Carl planned to take Summer

your man to check the private rooms on this floor one by one. I don't think Rosie has run far at all. She must have been carried into one

a gentleman and enjoyed a good reputation. It would be more convenient if he

this, Carl replied,

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