Predestined Marriage

Chapter 631I Want Nothing to Do with You, Leonardo

Summer went straight home.

After taking Rosie home, Leonardo almost took all his work back to take care of Rosie.

He only went to the company when there was a meeting or something urgent.

Summer was the same.

However, when she got home, the first person she saw was Kate, not Leonardo.

Kate had seen the news, and she was not nice to Summer.

She immediately walked over to Summer. "You don't have anything to say about the news? Who is that man?"

Summer was in a bad mood. She could accept it if Leonardo questioned her, but not Kate.

"That man?" Summer sneered, "You didn't recognize him? He's the expert you hired to hypnotize Leonardo and lock up his memories. He changed his clothes and didn't wear a mask. And now you don't know him anymore?"

Kate's face changed. She looked at Summer with a pale face and was lost for words.

"He did more than that! Rosie became like this because of him!" Summer said harshly as she turned extremely cold and fierce.

Kate staggered back as if she was hit by a big blow.

After a while, Kate took a swallow. "I'm sorry."

Then she looked away and did not dare to look at Summer.

Now Summer felt she was too mean to Kate, who was suffering from cancer.

Summer tried to calm down and said, "I've got stuff. I'm going to find Leonardo now."

Then she went upstairs for Leonardo.

the study room, but Leonardo was not there. After thinking for a moment, Summer thought that he was probably in Rosie's room. Then she turned

was getting better after

much, she could

the door before pushing it

ran over to Summer and hid behind

Rosie would not answer her question, she still asked, "What's

looked around and found that Rosie's toys were scattered all

was sitting on the ground, playing with

a small pile of blocks beside him, which could

over and looked down at

Rosie grunted behind Summer.

games." Leonardo looked

man was so

took away

smiled at Rosie. "Rosie, let's play

looked at Summer. Then she went back to play with

glance at Summer every time she picked

with Rosie before, so she knew what kind of blocks Rosie would need while stacking them.

took those blocks over, Rosie did not dare

just held her hands back and carefully observed Leonardo, not daring to take

placed them in front of Rosie and

Rosie, "You need this now? Don't be afraid. This is your toy, and you didn't agree to give it to him.

to use those blocks that Summer

silent as Summer

her castle, then he stood up and

got up and

of Rosie's room, and

stare at Leonardo, but she could not

study and asked hesitantly, "Did you see

his 'girlfriend'?" Leonardo asked coldly as he looked down

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