Predestined Marriage

Chapter 581Summer, I'm Doing This for Your Own Good

The instant Summer finished her sentence, Jenny's expression changed. Although Jenny quickly calmed down, Summer still captured the moment.

It seemed that her guess was correct. Jenny liked Connel very much.

Jenny sneered and said, "I don't know what you're talking about! You just have to do what you are supposed to do!"

"Do what I'm supposed to do?" Summer moved around Connel's desk and walked to Jenny, saying slowly, "Ms. Jenny, tell me. As a hostage, what am I supposed to do?"

The address of "Ms. Jenny" was somewhat ironic.

Jenny and Summer were about the same height. They stood face to face, glaring into each other's eyes.

After a while, Jenny shifted her gaze first and turned around to leave without saying a word.

Summer who stood behind her pretended to be kind as she raised her voice and asked deliberately, "Ms. Jenny, does Connel know that you like him? Would you like me to help you tell him?"

Jenny, who had almost reached the door, suddenly turned around and said with an unfriendly expression, "Summer Jarrett!"

There was a note of menace in her cold voice. But she faced Summer Jarrett.

A woman who had been threatened by Leonardo, how could she be afraid of Jenny?

Everyone in the world had their weaknesses, and Jenny's weakness was that she liked Connel, but did not dare to let Connel know.

Summer felt that this was quite interesting.

"Don't call me Ms. Summer now? Didn't your Mr. Connel ask you to be polite to me?" Summer smiled, pushing her luck, "This is not a good attitude."

Jenny's expression changed several times, and in the end, she resumed her usual calmness.

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