Predestined Marriage

Chapter 401What Kind of Person Is He?

Then Leonardo picked Rosie up and hugged her in the same way as he had just hugged Summer.

Rosie was obviously uncomfortable to be hugged in this way, and she seemed to be lying in his arms.

She was about to get up with her short legs, and Leonardo hugged her straight.

With one hand holding Rosie, he turned around and pushed open the door of the study with the other hand.

He walked in and looked at the mess in the room. After pondering for a moment, he put Rosie aside and squatted down to pick up the documents.

Rosie probably felt that the room was too messy. She tiptoed to the sofa, twisted her body and climbed onto the sofa neatly. She rubbed the little tiger puppet in her arms and looked at Leonardo.

The child was very active. A few seconds later, she asked Leonardo curiously, "Dad, what are you doing?"

Leonardo said without raising his head, "These papers fell to the ground. I have to pick them up."

"Oh, I'll help you." Rosie excitedly slipped off the sofa, ran to Leonardo, and started to help him pick up the scattered papers on the ground.

However, she did not fold the paper neatly like Leonardo did. She just held it all in her arms and wrinkled it into a ball. Then, she gave it to Leonardo with a proud expression, "I picked it up!"

Leonardo took it over and touched her head, "You should go play."

Rosie pursed her lips and said, "Alright."

She found picking up things not fun.

At her age, she was fond of colorful and cute little toys, and had no interest in these white papers with black characters printed on them.

When Leonardo picked up these papers and put them back, someone knocked at the door.

Leonardo's voice was slightly cold, "Who is it?"

Summer paused outside the door before saying, "It's me. Is Rosie still here? I prepared a glass of milk for her. It's time for her to take a bath and sleep."

Leonardo realized that it was almost ten o'clock.

He turned around to look at Rosie and found that Rosie was listening to Summer carefully.

rolling around. Obviously, her attention was attracted by Summer's warm voice outside

her, "Listen, who

with a pleasantly surprised expression, "Mom is calling me. It is

of surprise appeared in Leonardo's

spoke a little quickly and skipped the

speaking, she jumped off the sofa and said, "I'm going to open the

door, tiptoed to open the door. He

up the folder in front of him and walked behind his desk, locking

he looked up and saw that Rosie had already opened the door of the study room called out "Mom"

in her hand. After

she asked

probably felt Summer's emotions change, so she said with

came too suddenly, and Summer was too surprised to adapt to

... I heated the milk for you..." Summer stammered. She squatted down

lit up. She reached out to take the milk from Summer's

to hold the cup, so she raised her hand to help her hold


up the empty cup and showed it

softened. "Rosie is really amazing! I'll heat the milk for you tomorrow


raised her cup and

Rosie, only to discover that Leonardo had

against the door frame, folding his arms and looking at Rosie with

expectantly, "Dad, look! I

just drunk milk and had a white milk

lips and reached out to wipe off the milk mustache on her lips. His deep voice

turned around and said to Summer, "Thank you,

her mom,

Rosie to call her mother on her

that Leonardo was too complicated and

arrogant, but sometimes he was a little childish, and even a little ...

at Leonardo

put her to bed, she saw


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