Predestined Marriage

Chapter 371He Wouldn't Let Her Go

A strange feeling rose in Leonardo's heart, as if ... he couldn't bear to see it.

He felt it somewhat ridiculous.

There was nothing special about this woman. Why couldn't he bear to see her caught in the rain?

Before he knew, he had already gotten out of the car with an umbrella.

He walked in big steps to catch up with Summer.

"Miss Summer." He called her once, and then couldn't help curling his lips in self-mockery. There was no smile in his eyes.

Summer covered her head with her purse while running toward her apartment. She heard the steps, but didn't expect it to be Leonardo.

"Mr. Emerson, what is it?"

As soon as Summer asked, she heard another familiar voice from behind.


Summer glance at Leonardo before turning to the other side and seeing Stanley.

"Stanley? Why did you come out?"

Dressed in a soft leisure wear, Stanley walked towards her calmly with a well-made lattice umbrella.

From behind her came Leonardo's deep and cold voice, "Is he your friend?"

"Yes. He is my... fiancé." Summer could conjure up no reason for this short hesitation.

The atmosphere froze instantly at her words.

She turned to look at Leonardo with doubt.

However, his expressionless face looked the same as usual. There was no way to detect his emotion right now.

Maybe she was mistaken at that instant.

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