Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1033 I Love You So Much

Summer broke into tears and smiled, shaking her head. The more Leonardo cared about her, the guiltier and sad she felt.

She pursed her lips, controlled her urge to cry, and then said, "I'm sorry..."

"Leonardo, I'm sorry..."

Leonardo did not know what had happened to her. He frowned, but he still reached out to touch her face. With a placating tone, he softened his voice and asked her, "Sorry for what?"

Summer had already stopped crying, but when she heard his gentle words, she couldn't help it.

Leonardo was very patient with Summer, but he was a little irritated when she kept crying for unknown reasons.

Leonardo said patiently, "Stop crying and tell me what's wrong?"

Summer wiped the tears off her face, "I'm fine."

at Leonardo. Leonardo put on a solemn face as he reached out and hugged

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Leonardo tightly. Leonardo noticed that Summer was hugging him tightly. He was surprised, but

while, Summer completely calmed down. She relaxed her body and allowed herself to rest on Leonardo. She leaned

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replied in low voice,

that she wouldn't believe him just like that. Summer let go of him and

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he said softly. He didn't want to get Carl into trouble. He would

this, Summer chuckled softly. Normally, Leonardo was a tough guy. But he never

at Leonardo calmly, "There's something else I haven't told

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Leonardo's knitted brows. She said gently, "I love you. I love

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