Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1032 Gentleness Is Not His Forte

Carl said to Summer from the bottom of his heart. Although he always acted like a careless and casual man, he was very clear about serious matters.

Carl did not change the topic until Jessica returned from the bathroom.

"Recently, a group of actors came to the company. All of them have terrible acting skills but are haughty. They didn't have any self-awareness at all. Thinking back then..." He complained with Summer, and he even shook his head as he spoke.

Jessica walked over and glanced at Carl. Then she said angrily, "Don't tell her those annoying things. Say something interesting."

Carl didn't want to listen to her. He raised his head and argued with Jessica, "Summer likes it. She did not interrupt me and listened carefully."

"You're..." Just as Jessica spoke, Leonardo pushed the door and walked in.

Jessica swallowed what she was about to say. Leonardo had a dominating aura. And almost everyone would unconsciously behave well in front of him.

the phone from Tim and handled some work, so Jessica

had been staring at him ever since he entered. Although Summer had tried her best to maintain calm, Leonardo soon discovered the

had always been good at making a correct assessment of the situation. He had talked so much with Summer just now, and guessed that Summer must have something to say to Leonardo when she

up and said, "Jessica, you haven't been here before, have you? Let's have

at Carl's reluctant look. "I don't want

what she said. "Let's go. I know you want to

me! You're

taken out by Carl, leaving only Summer and Leonardo in the

slightly and squatted down in front of Summer,

looking at her eyes. Leonardo was not that kind of person

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