Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1030 How Miserable

Douglas was amused by her serious expression, "I know. I'll call you. Don't worry."

Rosie curled her lips and nodded.

Douglas gently touched her head with his, "You are so cute. Even I want to have a daughter."

"Do you have a wife? You can only have a daughter with a wife." Rosie was still sad, but what she said made Douglas pull a wry face.

Rosie continued, "You don't have a wife, do you? You only have boys in your school. How miserable!"

"Well, why do you know so much?"

Rosie raised her chin and felt proud. Douglas reached out to poke at her head, "Alright, I'll call you and come back to see you when I'm free."

seriously, "And find yourself

know what to say. Rosie wiped the tears off her face. "This is

to laugh out and said, "Alright, alright, I

then turned to look at Summer and Leonardo. Summer was still sitting in her wheelchair, and

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it was hard to see any emotions appear

Leonardo and said, "Come on.

and then Douglas didn't dare to say anything. Douglas then looked at Summer

him, signaling for a hug. Douglas was about to hug Summer when Leonardo suddenly walked

for a moment before giving him a hug.

it funny to watch. She lowered her head slightly to conceal the smile on her

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