Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1029 Not Like That Before

Summer helped him, but he did not refuse.

They chatted on and off, and suddenly, Douglas said in a very solemn voice, "Summer."

Summer looked up at him in surprise.

"You must receive proper treatment. Leonardo, he ... can't do without you." Douglas could more or less feel Summer's pessimism.

Moreover, Leonardo had vaguely asked him to talk to Summer when he was free.

However, Douglas knew Summer understood everything, so he did not know what else to say.

Summer was surprised. She sighed and said, "Douglas, one must live his own life. With or without anyone, he must live on. See? When I was young, my father was biased and my mother didn't love me, but here I am."

"That's different." Douglas said, "It is different for Leonardo. Leonardo had a hard time before meeting you. When I was still young, I didn't understand many things. But thinking about it now, Leonardo did have a hard time. Only with you, he would he be happy."

her head, "It's not true,

"I don't care. Summer, you must listen to the doctors.

he said cheekily. "I'll stay at home and become a useless man without a degree or a

this, Summer said with a wry face, "No, you

Douglas was playing dumb to

and receive proper treatment, but what if I can't be cured? Do I have the right to give up the

was startled. He didn't expect Summer to say that. He let go of Summer and said in a

would be tough when someone tried to hurt her. Why had

so many things that he couldn't explain in the life, such as the death of his father and brother, or his

these things, he probably wouldn't have been so

to reply to Douglas. She was not like this? Then what was she supposed to be

remember. She did not remember what she had been like in

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