Predestined Marriage

Chapter 1028 Pulled Some Strings and Breaks the Rules

Stanley hated Leonardo like this the most.

The kidnapping had a great influence on both of them. He was controlled by Lester to do evil things for him, while Leonardo was still so arrogant and confident.

Usually he wouldn't think about it. But every time he did, he would realize that he and Leonardo were actually so different. There was a vast gap between them.

Every time he thought about it, he would suffer from his hatred and discontentedness, which would drown him like unstoppable tides.

After the injection, Summer's symptoms were eased. She could faintly feel pain on her numb legs. Now they were not as numb as before.

Leonardo was in a better mood because Summer was better, and he didn't frown all the time.

Douglas came back because Leonardo applied for a long vacation for him. However, the school contacted Douglas and asked him to come back for a very important task.

In Douglas' school, students needed to go on certain tasks. They didn't need to pay the expense and were offered generous salaries. But it wouldn't change the fact that it was all in all very difficult.

vacation, Leonardo

that the school contacted Douglas and asked him to go back to school, Leonardo wouldn't keep him here and even asked the servants

did not want others to touch his things anymore. He was highly vigilant, so he

She leaned against the door and did not

all, he lived with his closest family members, so Douglas' vigilance was slackened. He hummed while packing his luggage, so

door, Summer watched Douglas put the

the family members had suffered a series of accidents, Douglas was still able to

a right decision not to let Douglas

what else to bring, he felt there was a movement nearby. He immediately turned around to look at the door and

he found that it was Summer, he relaxed. "Summer,

walked over and helped Summer push the

and said, "I heard that you didn't allow the servants to pack your luggage, so

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