Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies

Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies

Authors:Pink Dolphin
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Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies novel review

The story takes place six years ago. Luna Gibson- A young woman is looking forward to a new life with love and hope for a bright future. But then, she was about to be killed! An evil step-sister, a husband who wants to kill her and the continuation of three lovely new lives. If it were you, which revenge would you choose? If it were you, would you forgive the person who hurt you? Truth and lies, pain and hope. It all happened in Pursuing an ex-wife is not easy.

Luna Gibson, the story's heroine, struggled to survive her accident. She waited until her three children were born before having plastic surgery and physical therapy, and then starting a new life.

She eventually became a famous European jewelry designer, but unfortunately something happened and she gave up her fame and glory and announced her retirement,

back to Banyan City under his own name...

Why did she make this decision? Read Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies, to know a beautiful and strong woman.

When Luna moved from Bronze City to Banyan City after she and Joshua got married, she purposely brought Aura to her, placed her in Banyan City, She purposely brought Aura to her, put her in Banyan City, and even arranged for Aura to be his personal secretary

In fact, Aura is really smart, not only did she fake Joshua's recorded phone call to make Luna Gibson think they betrayed her, but she knows that with Luna's cowardice, she couldn't confirm the truth with Joshua. In addition, she let the driver who hit Luna say, “Mr. Lynch, she's still alive.
Poor Joshua, how can he let Luna know the truth and love him again.

Aura Gibson not only wants to kill Nellie but also Luna, and she tells Joshua that she wants to improve her relationship with Nellie and take her to the amusement park. But just as Luna was taking Nellie to the Ferris wheel, an accident happened.

Fortunately, they were saved.

As the male lead of Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies, Joshua Lynch, When Will You Be Able To Recognize This Person, Although Her Face Is Different From His Dead Wife's, But Acting And Behaving behaves a lot like her as Luna Gibson in Termination?

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Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies

Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies

1576 Chapters

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