Please Love Me

Chapter 38

I’m fixing the kitchn in C&B when someone suddenly spoke.

"One chocolate shake and slice of strawberry cheesecake." Enzo said happily.

I raised my brows.

"Not available “Sir'"

"It’s grumpy Pat again."

He pinched my nose causing me to redden. Geez Enzo! Is he acting cute right now?

"Let’s go!"

"Where are we going?"

"Hill top!"

Don’t tell me he’s going to practice his marriage proposal for Monica again? Swear! I will not forgive him this time!

I think he noticed my reaction, so he laughed.

do that again!"Mind reader? Or

Top. The view is just like how I saw it last time. I wasn’t shock when I saw Enzo holding a blanket. But

the blanket on the grass. I was

you Pat!"


missed you too"sabi

things at you! I took you for granted without knowing that I was already hurting

know what to

"Shhh..Just listen.."

ago, I know that I hurt you. I’m sorry! Everyhting I

to shake at hi revelation. I can see weariness and regret in

the truth. We’ve

hurt you. However, I didn’t notice that my in denial was hurting you! I didn’t know what to do when you first cried. I wanted to take back what I said, but it was too late. The day you told me

stop my tears anymore. He stood up and wiped my tears for me. He kissed me on

thought it was Monica." He smiled

"There’s no us, Pat!"


gave me the chance to explain myself, so we had

I wanted to be with her. She got miscarriage and she was left by his boyfriend. She had no one to be with, but me. I had no choice at that time because she was in danger. She is a

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