Please Love Me

Chapter 37

After Enzo and I met at the bar, we fixed our relationship. We became best friends again, I hope...


"Patricia!" I can see his bloodshot eyes glistening against the lights. I smiled at him. That night, I wasn’t thinking about anything but our friendship. Yes, I love him, and he doesn’t love me back, but the pain and anger are now gone. I immediately stood up and hugged him. I can feel him stiffen. He’s breathing heavily.

"I'm sorry Tricia" His voice sounded so weak..I cupped his face, and looked at his eyes directly.

"No Enzo!Im sorry.."

"No I'm sorry for everything..I missed you so much." He hugged me tightly, and kissed my forehead. I told myself that it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t love me back. I just want to bring back the friendship that we've lost for the past years.

"Tricia make it fast! Enzo’s waiting for you.."sabi ni manang.

Our relationship went back to what it used to be. No hard feelings for me. I have already accepted that I am not the love of his life. And I’m happy with the way we are right now. It’s been one month since Sunny and I opened our shop. Enzo’s always there for me. He has lots of time for me.I'm happy and content with it.

Pat! You’re so slow. You’ll still be ugly whatever you

pretentious! I know you find me pretty." Lol! He just looked at the other side

are you here? Won’t your girlfriend be

was kidding when I

Marvie, but I don’t love you anymore!" I jokingly said. Well, it’s not true though,

He lost his smile, and was replaced with

wrapped his arm around my shoulders. He’s always doing this to

"What did you say?"

"I said kiss me!"


one hell of


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