Please Love Me

Chapter 35

"I'm back!"

Everyone was shocked when I talked. I’m at Flavours. I saw how my mom, Sunny, Maico and Zion (even James) dropped their jaws. Lol!

"Hey!" I snapped.

""Tricia!" my eardrums would bleed any minute!

Mom was the first one to recover.

"Gosh! Tricia, you’re so beautiful. I miss you. Why didn’t you tell me you’re coming home?"

"Mom! It’s not like you didn’t know! Haha!" My mom is half-assed crazy!

"O-M-G! as in O-M-G sis!" Sunny slapped my arms. Ouch!

“Ouch Sunny!” I said to her, but she just laughed at me.

"Sorry!sorry! I thought you wouldn’t go home until next week! Bitch! I’ve missed you!"

She hugged me so tightly. Maico did the same. We happily ate and talked together while I noticed Zion just looking at me.

first, you became a snob

voice of a girl shouted. We all looked at the girl while I can see Zion blushing. hmm...Something is weird! Zi immediately stood up to follow the girl. I saw Sunny rolled her eyes. Who is she? And what’s up with Sunny to roll her eyes like that? She

just curious because I have been away from them for a long time. Besides Sunny and I

Maico said

I suddenly felt nervous. Zion with that girl? I am nervous not because I’m scared, but because Zion is my friend and i want

Shane Villarama.. " Sunny

"Sinong Kenneth Shane?"

were in La Soledad? She was the nursing student who shouted and asked Zion to marry her.” Sunny mimicked her, so we laughed. Gosh! I

guys it's

I don’t know what I would do If I see him.

What are you guys looking at? I have already moved on!" I told them while

is enjoying her life right now, huh? Bitch!sabi ni Sunny habang

been three years.."

on from him. It’s stille


I decided to visit our first branch of 'Chocolate&Berries'. I’m not sure where it is though...but I trust her.

at Sheperd.

are we doing here?" Don’t tell me this is the location of our shop. I’m

huge statue of strawberry and chocolate in front, and the whole place is covered with pink. There’s also a


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