Please Love Me

Chapter 34


“I’m jealous! I love you! I love you! Not as my best friend! I love you! Can it be me…

Please love me…”

Her voice keeps on repeating in my head. I don’t know whether or not I should be happy. I hurt her. I broke my promise and I hate myself for that. She did not give me any chance to explain myself nor what I am feeling. She just left! Three years have past but the pain remains. Damn it!

"Tita where is Pat?"

I asked her mom after a month of no communication. I'm really sorry for her. I miss her.

“Did she not tell you?” she seriously said. My forehead creased, and I suddenly became nervous…”She left. She went to the U.S. with her dad to continue her studies there…”

My whole world crumbled because of what I heard. I was so broken and devastated at that time.

"Tricia understands and supports all of your bullshit! she always smile even you've done nothing for her! It's obvious that she's a keeper but It's also obvious that you don't deserve her." Zion angrily said.

"I know I'm asshole! I took her for granted.. But I didn’t mean to! She is so important to me!"

He laughed sarcastically.

her away from you! You know how I feel for her but I disregarded it


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mad because he loves Tricia. But I am more angry at myself because

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had a miscarriage during that time. She called me because her boyfriend didn’t know that she was pregnant back then nor did her parents. I had no choice. I wanted to help Monica, but I lost Tricia in

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answer her. I just listen to her I was broken and

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was me. I love her, but I did not accept that love. I love her but


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you love her tell her! Hearts are often broken by

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if you really want her.It's difficult to wait,But it's more difficult to

a day that I did not think of her. I once went

crushed me when I couldn’t move my feet to her especially when I saw her happy with

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