Please Love Me

Chapter 32

"Trish Enzo's here!!"

I stopped when I heard Sunny’s voice. My heart thumped crazily because of his arrival. He’s here when we’re done! I can feel the anger that I was trying to suppress a while ago.

I immediately saw Enzo as I looked back. I know that they are scolding him because of what he did. He looked at me, so I creased my forehead. He looks tired… Where did he go? Why does he look like that?

"It's okay guys.. can you let us talk?" I seriously said. I saw Maico shake his head, and Zion’s glare at Enzo.

"You sure?" Answered Zion. I can see his worry. I understand, but I have to do this.

Silence. None of us talked.

"Tricia I'm sorry.... Sorry I wasn’t-"

I did not wait for him to finish because the anger is eating me up.

"Where have you been? You promised to be here Enzo.." I can see tiredness and sadness in his eyes...

"Tri-c-ia.." He stuttered.

to control my voice because of the anger


"Who Enzo?"


smiled bitterly. So it's her

Fucking Monica again!

bitterly said while restraining

His tone is rising up now, and I can’t help

flowing endlessly. Monica is really that important to him, huh? She will always be Enzo's number one. He did

slowly approaches me, but no.


at his eyes directly. I can see fear in the depths

"What for Enzo?"

breathed deeply as anger

your problem Patricia??" I literally gasped at him when he shouted. I looked at him in the eye.

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