Please Love Me

Chapter 30

We’re done with our finals so I feel like we can now breathe freely. I’m at school to get my grades. I’m now walking towards the bench where our group usually hangs outs.

"Thick face! Look at my grades! It’s purely uno! What about you? You have a dos? Yuck!" Sunny teased Maico.

"Whatever Sunny! I’ll just kiss you!"

"You perv! Nasty!"

I laughed and sat beside Enzo.

"How's your grade Pat?"

My forehead creased.

"Okay..okay. TRICIA!"

I brought out my grades and arranged it in front of them. I laughed when they became quite.

"Damn it! Every subject is a flat one.." Zion smirked.

"What now Sunny?! You have a 1.75.." Maico teased Sunny back.

"Stop it Maico!your being rude!do you like Sunny?" Maico Ian Flores the casanova/ pervert is blushing?hmmm..

"Whatever Tricia!!"


and daddy

Daddy smirked

already a grown


my.." I smiled

are just happily talking when daddy opened

don’t you want to come with me to the USA? You can

believe that until now dad is still persuing to


ever changed your mind. I’m just staying here for three weeks. You can go

my food since mom and dad need some alone

with Enzo. Never have I imagined that I would fall for my best friend. I’ll just hold on to his promise that there will be no Monica on my birthday. After that, I will really try to divert my attention to other things. I will let

never like you Pat. You’re so ugly! You’re so fat too!" Enzo

never said that you would like me! You’re the one who

widened. "You wish! I will

myself that oneday!Enzo Marvie Martinez will gonna beg for me. He

think I ate

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