Please Love Me

Chapter 29

I didn’t sleep much because of what happened a while ago. We just kissed.. My cheeks feel so warm. Tricia don’t dream! I know he was asleep, but I can’t help, but to feel giddy. I feel so high…

My smile is so big when I went downstairsMalaki ang ngiti ko habang pababa ako ng hagdan. Bahagyang bumagal ang lakad ko ng makita ko si Enzo at mommy na masayang nag uusap. Bigla akong kinabahan. Paano kung alam niya ang nangyari? No! He's so drunk kaya malabo na maalala niya. Huminga ako ng malalim. Calm down Tricia! act normal. Relax..

“Tricia you’re awake!” Mom greeted me.

As i walk towards the kitchen, I noticed Enzo staring at me.

“Morning princess…” he greeted happily. I don’t know whether to just be quiet or to answer him.

‘Morning Enzo…” I awkwardly said.

"Tricia..your dad is coming soon.." mommy said.

My forehead creased. Why would he come back soon? I thought his flight is on September...

"why so soon my? I thought he’ll go home on September?"

"Silly! You forgot!It's your 18th birthday this coming April! You think your dad would let it pass?”

I almost forgot that’s it’s my debut soon. I suddenly feel excited.

"And he's throwing you a big party..." I glanced at mom.

“No need mom. It’s just a waste of money.” It’s true though… Simple dinner is enough.

I do? I’ll just give it to them since they

Enzo will be your

at him, and I saw him smiling widely. I can’t believe this! Did he plan for this to happen? They didn’t even ask me who I want my escort to be. I did not look

your prince.." He winked at me. I secretly smiled because of that. I think I’m going crazy because of the butterflies in my stomach.

the Flavours. I stood up and went to a chair near the gazebo. I cant

excited.." HE said while

that. Gosh! This jerk is just so handsome. I’m falling

"I thought we’re okay?"

natatawang sabi

now looking

whispered. I

did you say?" I

And his’s sharp. His lips...they’re so plump and red. Perfect jaw line and firm body. What am I saying? Why am I thinking wistful

I have to do for you to forgive me? Tell me...:”



looks like he won a

He said boastfully. "And I should be the


"That’s too many.."

"Fine! I’m still mad!"

just kidding! I’ll

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