Please Love Me

Chapter 27

Enzo and Monica are just behind me and Zion. We walked passed them because I feel like I will throw my shoes at them. Monica keeps on blabbering something, so I’ve got no choice but to look at them, which I regret because I saw how Enzo is looking at me.

When we are in the middle of the hall, we passed by a group of students who whistled to us.

“Tricia is really pretty…” Said a student who looks like a visitor of the Guidance Office. I was scared, so I held on to Zi tighter.

"Do you have any problem?" We stopped when Enzo talked suddenly.

"This is going to be fun..." Maico said, so Sunny elbowed him.

“Nothing Martinez…”

"Good. Be good if you don’t want any problems.." I can't help but smile because I feel like he’s jealous. Gosh! Tricia you are assuming something again! May you please shut it!

I was taken aback when Zion threw his arm around me.

tho I'm close to Maico and Zion, it’s just Enzo who can put his arms on me

say Enzo.." He

good because of how Enzo acted, but someone just can't keep her mouth closed even for a second. Nonetheless, I waited for Enzo’s answer, but


*Maico Cute* calling.....

(Hello..?) I greeted him.

My forehead creased because of

I’m busy) I’m a bit irritated right now because I’m not up to his games.

go to

the call. I’m nervous

we go to


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